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AHD Animal Bedding

AHD Animal Bedding

  • $29.33

The AHD animal bedding product is made from 100% natural New Zealand pine. It offers horse owner a clean dust free alternative to wood shavings and or sawdust. Reduce your labour cost and bedding consumption by up to 50% when using new natural product.

Furthermore, save time when mucking out stables as this product only needs changing every 3 months maximum, (time will vary due to number of horses per stall and soiling content)

Why make the change to the AHD natural bedding product?
– Hygienically clean = Sterile with no pathogens
– High Absorption rate = Easy cleaning, only 8% moisture
– No dust = Allergy free environment
– Low maintenance = Less cleaning, can last up to 12 months
– Eco–Friendly = No chemicals, no contaminants, no additives


We are also able to offer bulk in the Animal bedding, please contact us for further information and pricing!