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Bates Advanta Trial Saddle

  • $80.00


Do you have the competitive advantage?

The Bates Advanta® eventing saddle is engineered for perfect connection between you and your horse.

With an ultra-sensitive feel of your horse and effortless balance, together you are poised for take-off and prepared for the unexpected. Sharpen your reflexes and push your boundaries in the new competitive advantage.


  • The ultra-close synergy panel is low profile, stable and close with the ultimate protective cushioning and shock absorption of air, resulting in pressure reduction for your horse’s back and improved blood flow to their working muscles.
  • A unique wither freedom design and the soft dynamic air cushioning ensures your horse has full range of movement for a natural and confident frame over the jump.
  • Experience your horse’s power and agility when they are mobilized with full range of movement, allowing you and your horse to perform in perfect harmony.
  • Your horse is an elite athlete. Whatever their shape and muscling, you will have the peace of mind that your saddle can be customized for their comfort at all times.

Trial saddle only! There is an $80 fee that needs to be paid before the saddle can be taken, Credit card details and Photo ID will also be required! Trials Saddle must be returned within 3 days, an extra $80 will be charged if not returned in this time frame unless prior arrangements have been made! If saddle is not returned at all, your supplied credit card will be charged for the full amount of the saddle.