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BetaVet Regumare

BetaVet Regumare

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Quick Overview:

MARE SUPPORT: ReguMare helps support the normal hormonal balance of your mare when temperament and marish behaviour adversely affects safe handling, willingness to work and performance. Helps settle squealing and excess flirting. Helps reduce sensitivity to being groomed or tacked-up. Helps balance mood and focus for more consistent training and performance. Use intermittently when your mare is coming into season or use consistently as required.


  • For best results give in early morning feed.
  • Do not use in pregnancy.

For industry rules please consult with your veterinarian.

Each 20ml dose contains dried herb equivalent:

  • Dong quai (Angelica sinensis) 3500mg
  • California poppy (Eschscholtzia californica) 2500mg
  • Schisandra chinensis 2500mg dried herb equivalent
  • Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) 1500mg
  • Contains ethanol trace and vegetable glycerine

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