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Dunstan Competition Mix 20kg

Dunstan Competition Mix 20kg

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Dunstan Competition Mix

Dunstan Coolfeed Extra is a medium energy feed ideal for working horses or those requiring increased calorie contribution for weight gain.

Dunstan Coolfeed Extra is a highly palatable, textured ‘oat free’ feed.  It contains a combination of extruded cereal grains, soya hulls, sunflower seeds, crushed peas and added oil.  The inclusion of extruded grains provides a highly digestible and safe source of calories for the working horse.  The addition of soya hulls increases the fibre contribution and the inclusion of oil provides further cool calories and enhances skin and coat condition.  Vitamins and minerals are added, the use of organic minerals allowing better absorption and therefore increased health benefits for your horse.  Natural vitamin E is included.


Extruded barley, extruded maize, Soya hulls, Wheat by-products, crushed peas, Soyabean oil, Sunflower seeds, Limestone, salt, oil, molasses, vitamins and minerals.

Typical Analysis per Kg Dry Matter

Crude Protein 12.0%  
Fibre 11.0%  
Fat 7.5%  
Salt 2.0%  

DE Energy 14.0 Mj/Kg

Feeding Recommendations

Roughage such as chaff, hay or pasture should be available at all times.

When additional coat sheen or condition is required feed 250 grams of Dunstan Muscle'n Shine.


Spelling 1 - 2 Kg Coolfeed Extra
Light Work 2 - 4 Kg Coolfeed Extra
Heavy Work 4 Kg Coolfeed Extra

Do not overfeed horses in light work.

Store in a cool dry place.

Available in 20kg polypropylene bags.