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Equine Magic

Equine Magic

  • $30.99

*Scientifically proven to reduce wounded fibroblast skin cells by 65% after one application over 3 days*

Equine Magic was specifically designed for the use on our horses. Created by our expert skincare designers, using UMF 15+ Mānuka Honey as the key ingredient and combining it with natural oils and extracts this unique combination will aid in the treatment of a variety of minor skin conditions including cuts, abrasions, irritation and dry, flaky or cracked skin.

We know you want the best for your horses and to use products with no synthetic and artificial nasties but we also know that you need a cream that's going to work.  We believe we have created that in Equine Magic, we love it and know you will too.

How to Use
Making sure the wound site is clean, generously apply Equine Magic with finger tips on and around wound.  This helps the skin to remain supple while healing and reduces the chance of tearing especially in joint areas as well as reducing proud flesh and scarring.  With a volatile and painful skin condition such as Mud Fever it is recommended to use a spatula or a soft implement to spread Equine Magic to stop cross contamination.

Recommended For
Horses with open wounds, Mud Fever, Cracked Skin, Sunburn, Cover Rubs, Cracked Lips, Bit rub and other skin breaks or ailments.