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FTE Lycra Bib 'N' Hood

FTE Lycra Bib 'N' Hood

  • $75.00
  • Save $35

  • Tailored fit
  • Full length front zip
  • Large eye and ear holes

Easy Care:-
  • Machine Washable
  • Cloths Line dry (do not tumble dry)
  • Heavy duty velcro fastenings
  • Double elesticised straps under the chest

The lycra® Bib'N'Hood© covers the chest and shoulders completely. A unique design with double elasticised chest straps keeps the hood firmly in place, will not slip or twist. 

Fantastic for horses suffering from shoulder rub. 

The lycra® Bib'N'Hood© will lay the mane flat, keep plaits secure and gives the coat a fantastic mirror shine. 

Perfect to use during transportation to shows as it stops hay getting into the plaits.