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Hi Shine Equine Showtime Coat Oil

Hi Shine Equine Showtime Coat Oil

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Developed as a partner to our Hot Oil Coat Conditioner, Showtime has taken on a primary role of it's own. 

Showtime is formulated with the showring in mind... water dispersable natural oils combined with our exclusive shine polymers makes this a standout product for putting that ultra shine on a finished show coat. 

Showtime can be used as an after bath rinse or spray in any concentration. Our special formula is anti-static, wont attract dust or dirt and gives an incredible reflective sheen on the coat.  Highly recommended as a finishing spray for super shine. 

For the competitor looking for an Ultra Shine - 'Wet' look gloss... Show time is for you!  This is a coat oil that lets the horses skin BREATHE without loss of shine thanks to the permeable shine polymers included... it is particularly important in hot conditions or when horses are excited as they NEED to be able to sweat to regulate body temperature.  Covering the coat with highly occlusive oils and oil based products (eg Baby/Mineral Oil) can lead to serious health conditions, heatstroke and even hair loss/baldness. 

To use as a Spray;  In a 500ml spray bottle, mix Showtime with water from 25-100ml.  May be used at higher oil to water concentration or neat depending on the coat and desired look. 

To use as a Rinse;  mix 50-100ml Showtime into a small bucket of water (enough to cover the whole horse) and sponge over the coat, scrape excess and leave on.

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