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Hit Air Vest - H Model

  • $900.00

  • Stylish and ultimate in protection.
  • Rider friendly, light weight and unobtrusive.
  • Sound insulated keybox for a quiet deployment.
  • Inflates outwardly.
  • Each vest supports the CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust.
  • The H Model is a longer more rectangular model.
  • Small and Medium use 50cc cartridges.
  • Large uses 60cc cartridges.
  • Spare cartridges, saddle straps, lanyards and buckle extenders are available. 

How it Works:

As soon as the rider is thrown from the horse, the airbag inflates and protects the rider’s neck, back, chest, and hips. The neck airbag is also significantly larger than the leading competitor’s neck air bag.

Shock-buffering protection system will be activated immediately after the distance from the rider to the saddle exceeds the “activation distance”, lessening the effect of impact on rider’s body.

The key ball is pulled out from the key box to release CO2 gas into the neck, chest, body, back and hip airbags. Full inflation in 0.15 second.

After the airbag is inflated in full, it leaks the gas slowly through the gas release valve and a feeling of tightness will subside gradually.

The key box where the CO2 cartridge is deployed is protected from dust and dirt and provides sound insulation to minimize spooking the horse during an unintended deployment.

The vest is very comfortable because the hip air bags are concealed inside a special pocket making it unnecessary to have a long “duck tailed” style that can be uncomfortable in the saddle.

The open design makes it cool to wear and easy to wear over a back protector (compulsory for Eventing) or a competition jacket. With all of these advantages, it is also more affordable costing hundreds of dollars less!

Other Information:

You are attached to the horse via a lanyard and a saddle strap. It is easiest to leave your saddle strap on at all times - individual ones are available to buy if you have multiple saddles. A 30kg force is needed to pull the keyball, this puts you at risk of deploying your vest if you jump off without detaching your lanyard from your saddle strap. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the Cartridges reusable?

A: No, you will need to buy a replacement cartridge each time you inflate the vest. To replace the cartridge refer to the user manual. 

Q: If a rider forgets to disconnect the lanyard and dismounts, will the airbag be activated?

A: A tensile force of about 30kg is needed to release the key ball to activate the airbag. Normally, the dismounting rider feels a strong tug to know that he/she has to disconnect the lanyard before the airbag is activated. Try to always disconnect the lanyard before dismounting as you risk inflating. 

Q: Does the noise of the vest inflating scare your horse?

A: In the matter of a fall, the noise is going to be the last thing that will spook your horse. Frequently the horse will run away anyway as they get a fright at you falling off them. If you accidentally jump off anf the air vest inflates, it depends on you horse. 

Q: How do I fit the vest?

A: The vest should fit snug next to your body or on top of your body protector (this is compulsory for NZ Eventing). You can adjust it by the velcro straps on the inside. The length of lanyard is rider dependent. The longer it is the longer time it take to go off. As long as you can comfortably move around in the saddle and stand up in your stirrups without it at its full extension. 

Q: What happens after my airbag has inflated?

A: After the airbag is inflated in full, it leaks the gas slowly through the gas release valve and feeling of tightness will subside gradually. 

Size Chart

S  M L
Height 150 - 175cm 160 - 190cm 175 - 195cm
Chest 80  - 96cm 90 - 120cm 110 - 130cm
Waist 66 - 80cm 78 - 102cm 94 - 114cm


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