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Leg Up Oil

  • $140.00

Leg up is a premium equine oil which has been formulated to provide the essential fats and minerals for a balanced diet while assisting with the nutritional and therapeutic requirements .

Ideal for - Racing and performance , Endurance, Sales preparation ,Stallion and broodmare fertility, tying up issues, reducing metabolic heat load.


Want to know what the key benefits of Leg Up equine oil are? Here are just a few!

1. Improved body condition and enhancement of healthy hormones

2. Balanced source of essential fatty acids


3. Promoted healthy skin and coat condition and improves respiratory system health

4. Provides a good source of Omega-9 and Vitamin E (helps reduce muscle damage)

5. Helps calm the temperament of excitable horses

6. The oils of Leg Up equine oil are cold pressed with no chemicals or added heat in the extraction

7. GE free, locally grown and manufactured, and delivered fresh