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AHD Oral Mag

AHD Oral Mag

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A horse needs vitamins and mineral supplements for many different reasons, this includes, when feeding a high grain diet or poor quality hay or Lucerne, if they are under stress from travel, racing, events etc, in strenuous exercise program or not eating well.

Minerals are essentially for maintaining of the body structure, fluid balance in cells, nerve conditions and muscle contractions.

Horses will often chew on the rails, lick human skin, pull bark off trees; they are doing this in search of minerals, not a mixture but usually a single kind.

By providing minerals separately you are ensuring the horse gets the best out of the supplement. Oral-Mag comes in a liquid form to be given to the horses as a drench. By drenching with Oral Mag you can be certain that the horse is getting the magnesium requirements.

The longest lasting form of magnesium is magnesium pidolate, it is easily metabolized and recognized for its high degree of bioavailability meaning the magnesium is rapidly conveyed through the body and taken up through cell membranes. The result of this is retention in the body for prolonged periods, up to 10- 14 days; compare this to other magnesium forms that can be excreted within a 24 hour period.

Oral Mag is an extra smooth formulation making it easy to flow through the drench applicator with ease plus it has added flavoring to improve palatability

Dose rates
150 kg 30ml
150 -250 kg 60ml
250 -350 kg 70ml
350 -450 kg 80ml
450+ 100ml


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