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Nutritech Equi Copper - 1kg

Nutritech Equi Copper - 1kg

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Quick Overview

A nutritional supplement of organic copper to reduce the incidence of copper deficiencies in horses.  Organic copper (copper bound to an amino acid) has been found to have a much greater bio-availability for horses and will be a more effective copper supplement, especially in areas with high sulphur, molybdenum or iron levels, where copper deficiencies are common.


The availability of copper in New Zealand pastures, and crops grown on New Zealand soils, varies with soil type and area. Copper availability is reduced where pasture iron or molybdenum and sulphur levels are high. In some areas of New Zealand, copper deficiency can be a serious problem.

Horses are better than cattle and sheep at withstanding copper deficiency, but can still show the deficiency symptoms of anaemia, poor growth, hair colour change and weight loss. A lack of copper can also be implicated in some bone disorders. Low blood copper levels have been linked to poor performance in race horses.

Copper sulphate has been the traditional copper supplement to address copper deficiency, but availability of copper from this inorganic compound can be poor. Organic copper, has been found to be much more available for horses. This product will be an effective copper supplement even in areas with high sulphur, molybdenium and iron levels.


Thoroughly mix the required amount into one of the daily feeds of meal or grain ration.


EquiCopper™ is a copper supplement containing 11mg of organic copper per 10g dose.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Adult horses - 500 kg live weight 10 g
  • Yearlings - 350 kg live weight 8 g
  • Weanlings - 250 kg live weight 6 g
  • Foals - 100 kg live weight 3 g

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