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Nutritech Nutrimin Plus - 4kg

Nutritech Nutrimin Plus - 4kg

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Quick Overview:

NutriMin® Plus is a combination of our popular free access vitamin and mineral supplements, NutriMin® Horse and a live prebiotic yeast to enhance digestive function. The benefit of additional organic and inorganic minerals formulated for New Zealand conditions combined with improved gut health means a healthier horse with increased performance and weight maintenance.

Active Ingredients:

(Per 60g) Live Yeast - 45 x 109 CFU Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885, Calcium 4g, Cobalt* 2.3mg, Copper* 90mg, Iodine 5mg, Magnesium 0.6g, Phosphorus 0.4g, Selenium 2mg, Sodium 10.5g, Vitamin A 15,000iu, Vitamin D3 1,000iu, Vitamin E 100iu, Zinc* 360mg (*includes minerals from an organic source). 

Recommended Dose Rate: Level 1/4 cup/70ml scoop (enclosed) = 60g

  • Adult horses (500kg) - 60g/horse/day
  • Yearlings (350kg) - 30g/horse/day
  • Weanlings (250kg) - 10g/horse/day

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