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Pharmaka - Guter Sitz Sit Tite Spray

Pharmaka - Guter Sitz Sit Tite Spray

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This 200ml can of sticky spray provides a higher degree of grip between the boot and the saddle helping you to improve your position in the saddle.​

This is a similar formulation to the cream in a easy to use aerosol bottle. The Guter Sitz-Sit Tite Spray ensures a firm leg position.

Special wax and resin components connect the boot and saddle flap - more safety. Greater suction for riding boot and saddle.

Instructions: Spray on to the riding boots where the boots in a normal leg position that will have the greatest contact with the saddle.
Application surface should be about palm size. It is advisable to treat the saddle correspondingly - also on the stirrup leathers. Driving gloves can be treated similarly to prevent reins.
Guter Sitz ensures maximum resistance against slipping and sliding.

The formulation is easy to remove with leather soap and warm water and also doesnt ruin your leather gear!

Made in Germany.