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MP Lift and Tone Combo

MP Lift and Tone Combo

  • $56.95

MP Lift & Tone
Stain Remover
220g (Lift) + 125ml (Toner)
LIFT - Quik Kleen with a superior concentrated powder mix that lifts even the worst dirt and stains from your horse’s tail, coat and false tails with one simple wash. Making washing the dirtiest of areas a breeze. Built in optical brighteners clean and anti-deposition agents 'lift' the dirt away from from the area with ease.  
Hypoallergenic, non toxic and biodegradable.

TONE - Follow with a one-step concentrated 'toner rinse' to finish the stain removal process on the hardest to treat yellow stains and discolouration if required.  
(Stain removing powder and toner included in the pack for exception value for money)

Tone and lift available individually also



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