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Nutritech Nutrimin Extra - 3kg


Nutritech Nutrimin Extra - 3kg

Nutritech Nutrimin Extra - 3kg


Quick Overview:

NutriMin® Extra is another quality product in the NutriMin® range of affordable supplements for horse and pony owners. It contains a blend of quality minerals and vitamins with an added mycotoxin binder for ease of use. May be added to the feed or fed as an ad lib supplement in a suitable container in the paddock.


NutriMin®Extra is a blend of quality minerals, vitamins and mycotoxin binder presented in a free access loose lick form for easy use. NutriMin®Extra is a feed aid specifically formulated to improve the health and vitality of horses by combating the mineral deficiencies and imbalances found in New Zealand; while assisting to support the immune system by restricting the intake of mycotoxins from pastures and feed stuffs helping to improve the general over-all health of our horses. Mycotoxins are the toxic secondary metabolites produced by fungi that grow in grazed pastures, grains, mixed feeds or hay and straw stored above optimum moisture content.


Mycotoxins have been implicated in a variety of equine health problems including perennial rye grass staggers, decreased appetite, colic, abnormal liver function, behavioural disorders, diarrhoea and hypersensitivity. Long term exposure of horses to low level exposure of mycotoxins may result in reduced growth rates, immune suppression, reproductive difficulties, frequent respiratory problems, reduced performance and a higher incidence of laminitis.

There is no practical means of ridding feed of mycotoxins, they are difficult to measure and as many different mycotoxins can be present simultaneously analysis can be difficult and expensive. Mycotoxicosis is hard to diagnose as symptoms are usually nonspecific such as behavioural changes, lost performance and higher disease incidence there are however common characteristics. Drug and antibiotic treatment have little or no eect, it is not transmissible, out-breaks are often seasonal and associated with specific food or feedstuffs.

What does it do?

NutriMin®Extra is formulated with a mix of organic or proteinated minerals which through their chemical make-up are essentially protected from normal interactions in the gut so that they are more effectively absorbed in the small intestine of the horse. There is a balanced formulation of macro and micro elements to help supplement the minerals required for healthy growth and optimum performance of the horse. NutriMin®Extra has an added new generation mycotoxin binder with a unique blend of organic and inorganic binders that act as a digestive aid and support to horses that are exposed to low levels of mycotoxins in their daily feed ration. The combination of inorganic and organic binders in this form has a high affinity to bind ergot alkaloids in vitro and offers additional nutritional values through a source of B vitamins and essential amino acids.

Feeding instructions

NutriMin®Extra may be fed ad-lib in sheltered boxes in the paddock. Horses may have to be rationed during the initial introductory phase until intake levels o. For horses on hard feed, divide the required amount among the daily feeds and mix well.

Recommended Dose Rate:

  • Level ½ cup measures approximately 90 g 
  • Weaned Foals: 25 g / horse / day
  • Yearlings: 50 g / horse / day
  • Ponies: 75 g / horse / day
  • Mature horses: 90 g / horse / day

Active Ingredientsz: (Per 90 g)

Calcium 4 g, Cobalt* 2.3 mg, Copper* 90 mg, Iodine 5 mg, Magnesium 0.6 g, Phosphorus 0.4 g, Selenium 2 mg, Sodium 10.5 mg, Zinc* 360 mg, Toxin binder 20 g, Vitamin A 15,000iu, Vitamin D3 1,000iu, Vitamin E 100iu. (*includes minerals from an organic source).

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