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Nutritech Selamin Gold


Nutritech Selamin Gold

Nutritech Selamin Gold


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Quick Overview:

Brilliant coats, healthy hooves and strong, functioning immune systems are all important for horses and ponies to achieve their full potential. SelaMin® Gold supplies a wide array of minerals, vitamins and provides essential amino acids to help achieve these goals. It includes minerals from organic sources and chromium and selenium yeasts which have been found to have greater bio-availablility for horses.

SelaMin® Gold has been formulated to balance New Zealand pastures and feeds and is ideal for horses in training and breeding stock including foals and yearlings in sales preparation.


Selenium is particularly low in New Zealand pastures, Selenium and vitamin E help prevent muscle tissue damage, essential for working horses. They are also important for promoting fertility and reproduction in breeding horses so we have fortied SelaMin® Gold with a selenium yeast, the most widely available form of selenium on the market.

SelaMin® Gold is ideal for supporting high performing horses such as those; in training, breeding stock, yearlings and foals.

SelaMin® Gold supplies a high level of trace elements and vitamins to safeguard the health and vitality of performance horses, and the fertility of breeding horses. When used in conjunction with DanCaphos®, it supplies growing horses or late pregnant and lactating mares with a good balance of minerals, vitamins and the additional calcium and phosphorous when the horse needs it the most.

SelaMin® Gold contains high levels of vitamin E, Iron and B vitamins, so additional supplements are not generally required. Extra nutrients need only be administered to the few individual horses, which occasionally require higher levels of a particular nutrient.

SelaMin® Gold contains organic copper. New Zealand pastures often have a high iron, sulphur and molybdenum levels, which can reduce the availability of copper from conventional, inorganic sources. Organic copper is not aected by these minerals and remains available to the horse.

Performance horses have a requirement for essential amino acids, particularly lysine and methionine. SelaMin® Gold is fortied with both these amino acids, which are key building blocks for protein.

SelaMin® Gold may be incorporated in bulk feed at the rate of 5 kg per tonne. SelaMin® Gold is an easy to use nutritional supplement with a scoop enclosed in the container for easy, accurate measuring.

Recommended daily dose rate:

  • Mature, Racing and Breeding horses 30 g/Horse/Day Ponies 20 g/Horse/Day
  • Foals and Yearlings 15 g/Horse/Day
  • Thoroughly mix the required amount into one of the daily feeds of meal or grain ration.
  • One level measure=15g

Active Ingredients per 30 g:

  • Vitamins: Biotin 2 mg, choline 510 mg, folic acid 10 mg, niacin 100 mg, pantothenic acid 45 mg, vitamin A 50,000 iu, vitamin B1 35 mg, vitamin B2 40mg, vitamin B6 30 mg, vitamin B12 0.225 mg, vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin D3 10,000 iu, vitamin E 1,000 iu, vitamin K3 7.5 mg.
  • Amino acids: Lysine 525 mg, methinonine 525 mg.
  • Minerals: Calcium 2.5 g, chromium 5 mg, cobalt 10 mg, copper* 150 mg, iodine 8 mg, iron 250 mg, magnesium 200 mg, phosphorus 380 mg, selenium* 1.8 mg, sodium 3.23 g, zinc 525 mg.

*Selenium derived 50% from selenium yeast an organic source of selenium *A third of the copper is from an organic source for increased. Half the selenium is in the form of selenium yeast.

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